About the Electric Scroll

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The Electric Scroll is a publishing company dedicated to helping independant authors get their writing into the hands of readers. We are based in the United States and sell our print and ebooks directly. We also distribute worldwide through vendors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and others.

We do not publish erotica or works with graphic or gratutious sex, violence, or excessively adult language. We do publish high-quality work in all other genres.

We do not charge a fee to publish accepted manuscripts, but take a percentage of the author's payment from our vendors. As with any publication, editing is primarily the responsibility of the author. We expect that submitted manuscripts will be well edited by the author before submission. Our editors also work with authors after a book is accepted. For authors who need a little more help, we offer fee-based editing to our authors at below-market rates.

Who needs our services? If you're a tech-savvy author with the time and knowledge to write and edit your book, create the cover, format the interior for print, and re-format the manuscript to separate specifications for each e-book vendor, then you don't need our services. However, if you lack either the time or the technical know-how, we can help you transform your project from a raw manuscript into a published novel!

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