Submission Guidelines

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The Electric Scroll accepts well-written, engaging manuscripts, intended for young adult and general adult audiences. We accept manuscripts intended for tweens providing the book is not image-heavy.

We do not accept manuscripts intended for children (But we do recommend our friends at Lawley Publishing for children's books). We do not accept graphic novels regardless of the age of intended audience, as we are not set up to create image-heavy books.

We take most genres of writing, but prefer science-fantasy, space opera, fantasy, clean romance, suspense, romantic suspense, and nonfiction. We prefer novels with word counts in the 40-85K range, but will consider longer works.

In addition, our criteria includes the following:

In other words, our books are PG-13 or better, no exceptions. If it's not something we wouldn't want our own teen children reading, we're not going to publish it. Because if it's in the house, our teens will get their hands on it and read it.

Please review our AI policy before submitting.

If you would like to submit your manuscript, please send an email to containing the following:

Please do not use attachments in your submission. The subject line should contain the author's name, a space, hyphen, space, and the book title (For example, Scott Ashby - Tanella's Flight).

Reciept of your submission will be sent within three business days, however due to volume of manuscripts recieved and other time constraints, it may be as much as three months before provisional acceptance or first-stage rejection is decided. Feel free to joggle our elbow if it has been longer than three months, just to make sure we're still breathing and our heads are still firmly attached. Multiple submissions are acceptable. Agented manuscripts will be considered, but priority will go to unagented manuscripts from independent authors. Any manuscript not meeting these guidelines will be rejected, but may be resubmitted.

Upon provisional acceptance, the full manuscript will be requested. This manuscript myst be in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 14-point, single-spaced, first-line indents set to 0.3", and a page break at the end of each chapter. At this point the manuscript will be sent to the submissions committee for evaluation. Upon complete acceptance, a contract will be offered, and two editors will be assigned to the manuscript until publication is complete.

The Electric Scroll respects the rights of authors, and promises to treat them as human beings who have completed the amazing feats of writing a novel and daring to seek publication. To this end, we promise there will be NO form-letter rejections, and we'll do our best to not send a rejection unless we have to. (If we do have to, we'll explain why, and you're free to make corrections and resubmit.)

The good news is that Scott graduated in December of 2023.

The bad news is that due to life changes and challenges, we have decided not to resume production of the monthly newsletter.